Esposizione Internazionale 1906 - part 1

This book is the official guidebook to the 1906 expo held in Milan, Italy. The best part about it is that it is filled to the brim with ads, which 111 years after the event really do a great job transmitting the atmosphere at the time. I'll be translating all the ads as well, and will paste them in as images cropped by differing criteria since some will fit well into a single image while others will be cut up into pieces. Each image will therefore be a single 'field of attention' and not always the whole content of the ad in one go.

Inauguration of the Sempione (note: was held in Sempione Park) International Exhibition
Milan -- 1906 -- April to November

An ad for Cova, which is a café, restaurant and confectioner amongst other things. The address follows, and below it says to "take a look inside the guide".

Official Guide, drawn up and edited by Max Frank and C. Milano, exclusive dealers of all advertising within the exposition. Price: 1 lira.

Mobili d'Arte, Italian furniture makers.
Complete furnishing in all styles: palace, city, hotels, credit institutions, administrative offices, etc.
Special furniture: for doctors (following hygenic precepts), shop windows and sales desks, for companies, kiosks, bars/cafés, and for the 1906 Milan Expo.
Below are the addresses to the store, and the factory.

The Montreux Oberland Bernois Electric Railway (note: opened in 1901, still operational and now one of the oldest in the country).
"A railway noted for its audacious construction, which as it runs by magnificent sites connects Lake Geneva to Thun Lake and runs through the centre of Switzerland."

Same content as the first image except that it mentions being under the patronage of "His Majesty the King of Italy".

Electric aerial wire vehicles.
Don't leave the expo without having visited the plant!
The most comfortable means of transport in the parade ground.
The Società per la Trazione Elettrica (Electric Traction Company).
Followed by the address and the phone number: 95-24.

An ad for Krupp. Located in the Italian jewelers' pavilion (outside - maybe) and the Austria pavilion - buffet and kitchen hall.
Made from the Berndorf metal goods factory - see their mark on the left. They make cutlery, tableware, coffee, tea and toileteries in silver alpaca I and alpaca (note: this is known as nickel silver or German silver, made of 60% copper, 20% nickel, 20% zinc), kitchen utensils of pure nickel, and do repairs and re-silvering.
At the bottom are all their locations in Italy - quite extensive.

After this comes one more ad/information piece about the railway to Milan, and finally we will get to the forward and the guide itself.